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Ecoden Constructions|Planning Permission

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Ecoden Constructions|Planning Permission

How Our Planning Permission Consultants Work

At Ecoden Constructions, we streamline the planning permission process to ensure your project receives timely approval from planning authorities. Here’s how we work:

Initial Consultation

We begin with a detailed consultation to understand your project’s scope and requirements. This involves site visits, discussing your vision, and identifying any potential challenges.

Site Location Plans and Drawings

Our team prepares precise site location plans and architectural building drawings for existing and proposed structures. These documents are essential for your application and ensure all aspects of your project are communicated to the planning authorities.

Application Preparation and Submission

We handle the complete preparation and submission of your planning permission application. This includes compiling all necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and submitting the application to the relevant planning department.

Liaison with Planning Authorities

Throughout the approval process, our consultants act as your representatives, liaising with planning authorities to address any queries or additional requirements. We keep you informed of progress and handle any necessary adjustments to your application.

Post-Approval Support

Once planning permission is granted, we continue to support you by providing additional services such as building regulations planning permission, structural calculations, and on-site consultancy to ensure your project progresses smoothly to the constructions phase.

About Us 

At Ecoden Constructions Ltd., we specialise in house designs across the UK, providing world-class, hassle-free structural engineering services. 

Our experienced team ensures timely, reliable, and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet building regulations. 

We offer comprehensive services including architectural drawings, structural calculations, and planning permission consultancy. 

Our mission is to deliver innovative, environment-friendly designs that exceed customer expectations, ensuring each project is handled efficiently from start to finish. 

Let us help bring your modular constructions to life with our expert guidance and exceptional service.

Ecoden Constructions|Planning Permission
Ecoden Constructions|Planning Permission

Types of Drawings for Planning Permission

Here are the key types of drawings needed:

Site Plan

Depicts the entire site, including the house, boundaries, nearby buildings, and significant features.

Location Plan

Shows the site with its wider surroundings, typically drawn to a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500.

Floor Plans

Detailed drawings of each floor, illustrating room layouts, dimensions, and any structural elements.


External views of each side of the house show heights, materials, and architectural details.

Section Drawings

Cross-sectional views that display the internal structure and elements like floor levels and roof heights.

Roof Plan

Detailed depiction of the roof structure, including slopes, materials, and any features like skylights.

Detailed Drawings

Specific details of constructions elements, such as window frames, doors, and other joinery items.

Block Plan

Illustrates the house in context with adjacent plots, roads, and other infrastructural details.

These comprehensive constructions project drawings are vital for conveying the full scope and specifics of your building proposal to planning authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it is denied, our team will work with you to address the issues raised by the planning authorities. We will revise the plans and resubmit the application to improve the chances of approval.

They are typically required for new builds, major building extensions, and changes in building usage. These drawings help local authorities understand the scope and impact of the proposed constructions. Our team will help you determine if your project needs planning permission.

The time required to complete depends on the complexity and scale of the project. However, Ecoden Constructions prides itself on a fast response time and efficient project management to ensure the timely delivery of all drawings.

The cost depends on various factors such as your project’s size, complexity, and specific requirements. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your unique needs.

Our dedication to providing high-quality, timely, and cost-effective services sets us apart. We focus on exceptional customer service, environmental sustainability, and ensuring every project meets building regulations efficiently. Our experienced team and competitive rates ensure you receive the best value for your investment.